Tencel Pants & Fur : Featuring Stella Carakasi

First off I want to take a moment to say how grateful I am for the amazing support I have received on my blog in such a short amount of time. I started blogging just a few short months ago having no idea where it could take me, and now I see a really bright […]

All About the Coat: Stella Carakasi

Right now it’s cold enough outside that I don’t even need to worry about my shirt when I have a beautiful coat to wear, because I’ll probably never take it off! The other day I ran across this beautiful designer: Stella Carakasi, and I am so glad I did. Like my coat, most of her stuff […]

Featuring: A Pop of Chic

Today’s look was fun by having the chance to style an outfit around a piece of jewelry, instead of styling jewelry around an outfit. Thanks to Cynthia from Pop of Chic, I have this beauty of a bracelet!! All of her stuff is SO beautiful, I wish I could have her whole shop ;). Something […]

All White With a POP of Cheetah!

Here’s a simple yet beautiful look once again brought to you mostly by Cotton:On. There’s something super classy and appealing to me about a mono-toned outfit. Honestly no matter what the color is, wearing the same solid color on top and bottom can look amazing. Pairing it with a neutral jacket & shoes helps soften the […]

Styled in Combats

For today’s look, I got to team up with some amazing women to put it together. My makeup was done by Gisela Gaxiola, hair was done by Prisila Belleza, and the amazing photography was done by Diana Putnam Photography. This look was pretty much all put together from Cotton On. I seriously love shopping there for […]